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Coca-Cola and Foreign Direct Investment in the Philippines

While I lived in the Philippines, I followed what happened in the Philippines.  The national and presidential election in May, the political scandals, foreign policy with other Asian countries, and even the love life of Kris Aquino, the sister of … Continue reading

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Stephen Colbert Calls Bullshit on Congress

This is not a blog about domestic agriculture policy, nor is a blog about politics.  But mental gymnastics create the necessary link between Stephen Colbert’s address to the House subcommittee on immigration and the main theme of this blog, poverty … Continue reading

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“A Core Pillar of American Power”

This is how President Obama described the role of foreign aid in our geopolitical relationship with the world.  Today on All Things Considered, NPR had a segment on Obama’s speech to the United Nations on America’s changing approach to aid: … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Leaving

I’m writing this on the plane from Bacolod, where I have spent that last 10 months, to Manila. [Note: I got back 4 days ago, and only now am getting around to posting this] Tomorrow I’ll get on another flight … Continue reading

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Subscribe to Develop Economies

Now you can get Develop Economies sent right to your email inbox – just by putting your email address in the box to the right and clicking “Subscribe.” There has been a lull in posting over the last week.  That … Continue reading

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