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Crowdsourcing Funding for Projects in Africa

For the first time today, I gave some cash to two very cool causes through organizations that allow start-ups and projects to crowdsource funding from a lot of different people. The first is being run by a friend and former … Continue reading

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Yes to Industrial Agriculture in Tanzania

Agrisol, an American agriculture company, is considering investing $100 million in purchasing and developing 325,000 acres of farmland in Tanzania.  This development has raised the ire of the Sierra Club, an environmental group that is concerned with the impact on … Continue reading

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Non-Profit Career Advice: Urban Development

This is the first post in an ongoing series offering advice to people interested in learning more about international development work. Mandy Goodgoll, a Masters Candidate in International Affairs at the New School, offers advice on urban development in developing countries and … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Education Systems: Finland & India

Two interesting articles in the Atlantic and the New York Times highlight two very unique approaches to education. The first, “Many of India’s Poor Turn to Private Schools,” discusses the prevalence of private schooling at every socioeconomic level in urban … Continue reading

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Develop Economies Returns to Kenya

In eight hours, I am boarding a Virgin Atlantic flight bound for the United Kingdon.  Tomorrow, I will spend the day wandering around London, before boarding another flight for Nairobi.  On Sunday morning, I arrive in Kenya, and start work … Continue reading

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