Month: October 2010

Rainfall as a Predictor of Democracy


From the National Bureau of Economic Research, an organization reviled by Fox News, comes a fascinating paper.  Two economists suggest that the volume of rainfall in a certain location determines whether a democratic government will be successful.  It is actually…

Osama Bin Laden Tells Bono to Shove it


Within the aid and development community, there are two camps whose views on the subject are diametrically opposed.  One side, led by economist Jeffrey Sachs and indie rock star Bono (one name), believes in a top-down approach, providing governments with…

ShoreBank: A Banker to the Poor Goes Bust


ShoreBank is a Chicago-based financial institution that was founded on the principle that everyone deserves access to financial services and that, by offering these services to the urban poor, the community will benefit.  Sound familiar?  Its mission is very much…