As loyal readers may have noticed, the postings on Develop Economies have been sparse of late.  That is because I have been running around Ghana, seeing friends and sights and beaches that I missed while I was working.  But now, six months after my arrival in this great country, I am on my way out again.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be flying to Kenya – Nairobi, specifically – where I’ll begin to work in social enterprise (I don’t have a job lined up yet, so if you’ve got any leads, it would be much appreciated).

Over the past six months, I have learned a lot of things about more than I could have ever imagined.  I delved deep into the agriculture sector in the country, analyzing the forces and dynamics, both external and internal, that have led to the industry that exists today.  I have thought about supply chains in rice, maize, soya, and fruits, and thought about how information is delivered to and received by farmers.  I’ve thought about different agri-business models and which are the best positioned for scale.  It has been a great learning experience, I’ve met smart and interesting people here, and it is going to be sad to leave.

Tomorrow I fly to Kenya to begin the next chapter.  From there, I will cut my teeth in the world of social enterprise in East Africa.  It is an exciting time, and it will be a pleasure to keep my readers posted about what I learn.

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