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This picture is on Facebook, with the caption: "Talibans drinking beer"

It’s been over a month since my last update about the beard.  Unfortunately, I wish I could say that no news is good news, because the news is all bad.  The pattern highlighted in my previous post has shown itself to be permanent – disappointing to say the least.  This is Asia and few people can grow beards here.  I went on a trip with one of my coworkers and his friends to Dumaguete, a beach town down south that is also the capital city of Negros Oriental.  In this picture, I am shown with the only Filipino in the entire island of Negros that is capable of growing a beard.  The entire week we were referred to as the terrorists.  Because the market for the products doesn’t exist, I don’t have access to the proper grooming tools, so I’ve been using a mustache trimmer to keep the beast in check.  It has worked reasonably well, apart from the errant bare patch.  But first, the developments.

Please send to Josh Weinstein at 102 San Sebastian Street, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, The Philippines.

A month ago, I had hoped that the barren wasteland between my chin and mouth would slowly fill in.  “Just give it time,” I told myself.  The good news is that a very small part of my chin began to show signs of life.  The bad news is that, in that one spot, I have blond hair.  In a devastating blow, the hairs are entirely transparent.  But that’s not all.  Somehow I have some red hairs in my mustache.  I am part-Scottish, part-Austrian.  I’m struggling to understand why.  Perhaps it’s best to look to the scriptures for answers.  In the story of Job, God tests Job’s faith by besetting upon him a string of terrible misfortunes.  Is this what is happening to me?  Am I being tested?  If so, I don’t know how much more I can take it.  But then, I came across this picture:

That’s when I thought to myself: I’m not the only one that looks ridiculous with a beard.  If Mick Jagger can look like a homeless person, then so can I.  With this renewed sense of purpose, I will continue growing the beard.

4 thoughts on “Beard Update

  1. Hugh Akston

    I still think you look better without the beard. It is beginning to look like or ted kaczynski!

  2. Pomerantz

    Dude… having the same problems stateside. My entire mustache is mostly blond, which makes me look effeminate and weak.

    I agree with grove, though, despite your two-toned, semi-barren lower lip area. You possess the Samson of beards; we all drink from its well of power. Never shave.

  3. Joe

    With a face like yours, less is more. I like the look with the Ray Bans and spotty beard, but perhaps a paper bag would be more efficient?

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